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2 tips to help you distinguish between Island Bird's Nest and House Nest

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Although, Island and Farm raised edible bird's nests contain similar levels of amino acids, Wild Cave nests contain significantly higher amounts of minerals. Island nests carry the essence of the sea. Hence, it has a unique and distinctive fragrance and flavor that cannot be found in farm raised nests. Because of its uniqueness and rarity, Wild Cave nests command a much higher price. Because of this, many manufacturers come up with illegitimate techniques to produce and market farm raised nests as Wild Cave nests. Hello Nest is happy to provide the customers a few tips on how to distinguish genuine Island Bird's Nest from fake imitations.
Where to buy the best Bird's Nest Soup in USA at affordable prices ?

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Unlike in Asia where you can find bird’s nest at everyone corner, there are only a handful of brick and mortar stores in the US that sell birds nest. You can usually find bird’s nest at Chinese Herbs stores or small retailers in Asian communities in major cities. Once you have figured out the where, the next challenge is how. How to determine whether the nests for sale are genuine from a trusted supplier, whether they are free of chemicals and impurities, etc.
What are Bird's Nest benefits scientifically?

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Edible bird's nest is a rare delicacy. It is one of eight nutritional treasures and is highly coveted in the Asian culture. Often referred to as the “caviar of the East”, bird's nest is among the most expensive delicacies consumed by humans. Modern science has decoded the components in swallow bird's nests. Thanks to that, we now understand the bird's nest benefits scientifically.
How to Clean Bird's Nest and How to Cook Bird's Nest Soup Perfectly

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Made from the saliva of swiftlets, the nests are expensive due to the difficulty in harvesting and the many benefits it brings. A bowl of bird’s nest soup is a prized delicacy. Lots of Asian celebrities consume this daily to look beautiful! Bird’s nest is believed to boost the immune system and raise the libido. Women believe that eating it daily enhances their complexion, making it a perfect gift for mums. Bird’s nest contains high levels of protein, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium. In fact, bird’s nest itself is almost tasteless; it requires additional effort to render it tasty.