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Where to buy the best Bird's Nest Soup in USA at affordable prices ?

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Unlike in Asia where you can find bird’s nest at everyone corner, there are only a handful of brick and mortar stores in the US that sell birds nest. You can usually find bird’s nest at Chinese Herbs stores or small retailers in Asian communities in major cities. Once you have figured out the where, the next challenge is how. How to determine whether the nests for sale are genuine from a trusted supplier, whether they are free of chemicals and impurities, etc.

As a consumer, you have certain rights. You’re entitled to safe products. The edible bird’s nest you purchase and consume should be authentic and free of harmful chemical. You have the right to know the origin of the bird’s nests. Ideally you want the bird’s nest from an ethical and certified source.

Despite large seizures by the US custom and border protection agency in recent years, illegal importation of edible birds nest remain. Illegally imported nests may pose health and biological risks to humans, the environment and the agriculture industry.

Edible bird’s nest is an "animal by product" and is heavily regulated by the USDA because of the potential diseases they can carry and/or spread. Consuming edible bird’s nests that were cleaned with harmful chemicals may result in diseases such as kidney or liver failures, cancer or even death.

Bird’s nest soup from unknown origins can contain unsafe levels of ammonia, nitrite, sulphites, mercury or other bleaching agents. There are many suppliers that cut corners.

They knowingly risk your health to increase their profits by using unsafe methods to reduce production costs. You’re asking for troubles when you buy bird’s nests from unidentifiable sources. Not only do you not get the nutritional benefit of their edible birds nest, you also risk poisoning yourself and your family.  

1. How to identify a credible Bird's Nest supplier in the US ?

- Food processing facility is registered with the FDA, licensed and inspected by the USDA and USFWS.

Obtaining an import permit for Edible Bird’s Nest from USDA and USFWS isn’t an easy process. It requires a good track record of safe quality products from suppliers that employ environmentally friendly and sustainable harvesting practices.

Only a handful of companies have the permit from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to import the edible bird’s nest for commercialization.

Where to buy the best Bird's Nest Soup in USA 1

The edible bird's nest supplier should be registered with the FDA, licensed and inspected by the USDA and USFWS

- The company should at the very least have a secured website that provide clear and transparent information. Also a way for customers to easily contact the customer service with questions/concerns.

- A policy return / exchange policy for customers who are not satisfied with the quality of products.

- A team of professional consultants with extensive knowledge about edible bird’s nests.

Any company that fully meet the above factors can be considered a reputable and trustworthy supplier of edible bird’s nest. You can rest assured about the quality and service when buying from such companies.

2. How to determine a company's credibility and the quality of the bird's nest products ?

Unless you are a connoisseur of bird’s nests, you don’t have much experience. Therefore it is difficult to determine a reliable address when purchasing bird’s nests in US.

where to buy bird nest online in USA - reviews of customers

Checking feedbacks from previous customers is a smart way

The easiest way to know where to put your confidence is to search for reviews from experts and other customers from reputable organizations such as:


Amazon is the largest e-commerce site in the world. Not only in the US, Amazon currently sells and ships to more than 75 different countries. In terms of visitor, Amazon.com is the 9th largest website in the world (after Google.com, Youtube.com, Facebook.com, Baidu.com, Wikipedia.org, Yahoo.com, Google.co.in, Twitter.com).

The reason for Amazon’s continuous growth is because they always put customer first. They offer high quality items and give consumers a sense of security and safety when shopping on Amazon.com. Millions of customers around the world have chosen Amazon as their go-to supplier with absolute trust.

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Ebay.com, Yelp.com…

Once on Amazon, Ebay or Yelp, you just need to search for Edible Bird's Nest or Edible Bird's Nest. You will find a list of bird’s nest products for sale. Read reviews (avoid fake reviews by selecting the ones with verified purchase) to determine a credible supplier with good quality products at affordable prices.

The Advantages of Hello Nest Edible Bird’s Nest

- At Hello Nest, customers can choose from a variety of superior quality bird’s nests, licensed & inspected by the FDA & USDA. Unlike pirated products where safety and quality is not clear. With Hello Nest, you don’t have to worry as each of shipment is inspected by the US Customs and Border Protection agency.

- Hello Nest offers multiple product lines at affordable prices. Luxury that won’t break the bank. In addition, customers can score AMAZING prices during sales.

where to buy bird's nest online USA - Hello Nest grade A+

Hello Nest offers multiple product lines at affordable prices.

- Leadership team includes entrepreneurs and scientists, trained at prestigious institutions in the United States with many years of experience in their profession. Hello Nest mission is to bring customers absolute satisfaction.

– Fast and Free 2-day shipping. Products are delivered to your door within days, very convenient.

-- Hello Nest stand behind each and every one of its product. To demonstrate this, HelloNest offers the best return/exchange policy in the market. Unsatisfied customers can always return the products for a full refund. It is an affirmation of the quality of products and customer service Hello Nest is committed to.

A few suggestions and tips for where you want to buy quality bird’s nests at affordable prices in the US. If you have questions or need advice about edible bird’s nest, please contact 612-227-3769 for assistance.

Hello Nest - leading Edible Bird’s Nest supplier in the US - is the best choice for your family!


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